To motivate the 3 subchannels from PSYLAND 25 we (I) had the idea to make a challenge out of it. So the ‘BIG SUBSCRIBER CHALLENGE’ started and the winner gets it all.

The battle is between ‘ADVENTURE RULE’ (yes the 150 liter poo tank guy) , ‘THE TATTOO APPRENTICE’ ( yes nikolas out tattoo apprentice) and my daughter ‘MAYA LU’. They all started ‘roughly’ at the same time and have roughly the same amount of subscribers, so it seems like a equal start for such a battle.

– no rules*, but the one who gain 2000 SUBS first winns the challenge.
* no bought subs, boots, sub for sub or any not organic channel growth backdoor.
– The Winner get all the money who is in the pot*
*all the money have to be spend for gear or something for the channel (so you all also benefit from it) (i will personal advice and choose and pay them directly out in gear only)
– no time limit


Everyone of you who donate something (even with 1 euro) have the chance to win something from our online shop.
*1.PRICE – surprise packed worth 60€. 2.PRICE – surprise packed worth 30€