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Welcome to my webside and thank you for your interest in my docus, short movies, my youtube channel and everything else what surrounding my little world of filmmaking.

I working on a lot projects and here you find some infos about and all the links to support or follow me. For anyone who likes to collaborate, produce, sponsor, product review and so on, just drop me a mail over the contact and i will writte back as soon as i can.

lily lu

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I just started my new youtube channel in march 2019. Im very passionated about this new project and to get my love out in the world. Also this will hopefully fund my future feature film projects and documantarys.

So when you not already one of my supporting squirrels out there than feel free to subscribe. Put the bell on and enable all notifications so you get always the freshest clips twice a week.

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When you love what i do and it inspire or entertain you, when it makes you laugh or think, whatever. When you like it and you love to see me making more movies, clips and future bigger productions. You can be one of my patreons and truely helping me to grow and rise and give a little bit back. I try to give everything what i can for free but im very thankfull for support and help. And even when its only a few bucks a month for u. Its already a semi reliable income for me wich i will use wisely to invest in future projects and to keep my time as much focused on the more creative things around filmmaking.

You will also get acess to many behind the scene pictures, monthly personal video clips, some presents and some more stuff. And you can watch my clips with feeling great that you are a true part of it and helping me to make this possible.